HEMA, or Historical European Martial Arts, is the revival of the art of  medieval swordplay.  It is a sport, a hobby, and a passion for some, but for us, it’s a mix of all three.  As you can imagine, people swinging swords at your head can lead to more than a few injuries.  CBD is a wonderful way to help manage pain and inflammation for HEMA, or any athletic activity.

HEMA is an umbrella that covers many different fencing styles.  Longsword is the most popular, but there are many, many others in the WMA (western martial arts) family.

Perhaps more than most sports, fighting with swords can lead to soreness, injuries, and even chronic pain.  CBD offers a non-toxic, natural, non-addictive and nearly side effect free way to deal with pain.  As HEMA practitioners ourselves, we’ve found it can make all the difference.


Joachim Meyer’s Shielhaw from The Art of Combat (1500).


CBD has been gaining wide spread acceptance as an excellent way to manage pain and inflammation in professional sports.  Whether it’s basketball, baseball, football, tennis, or swordfighting, the benefits have been making the news.  Pain relief, inflammation reduction, stress and anxiety relief, and even weight loss can be listed among the many benefits from CBD.

So, we wanted to help our brothers and sisters in the greater HEMA community by offering a CBD oil specifically made for them. 


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