Vesper Workshop is a family-owned and operated company based in the rolling, green mountains of northern Vermont. We can design and manufacture one or thousands of whatever plastic (PLA, ABS, or PETG) item you need.  From holiday flair to precise prototypes, we can make it all.



We are makers at heart here at Vesper Farms. That’s why we love 3D-printing so much. Nearly anything you can imagine, you can design and print (and redesign and print, repeat until happy). The power to create, repair and improve your world makes 3D printing one of our favorite hobbies.

So, to help spread the joy, and just because printing is cool, we include a free 3D printed gift with every order.

Want something custom 3D-printed?

We do that too!  We have a page on Etsy to place an order, or you can contact us directly via email if you have questions.


Our Approach

Like many Vermonters, we feel a connection to the land we work, and a responsibility to nature.  That’s why we support only healthy, local, sustainable, organic agriculture, ensuring that all of the hemp grown and used in our extracts meets the highest standards.  100% of our hemp is grown right here in Vermont from certified sources.

Our Expert Team

3D-You may find it surprising that a small family farm in northern Vermont has some of the most highly regarded, world renown 3D printing experts on our staff.  Well, that surprised us too, but meet James, our lead 3D printing engineer, and manager of printed productions.

James meticulously ensures only the highest quality* and most awesome gadgets are delivered to our customers.

[picture of James in lab coat with calipers and goggles]

 In order to provide the highest quality products, James must constantly analyze, test and optimize the Vesper manufacturing plant.  It’s hard work printing, testing, and cleaning up after the testing, but in the end, the results speak for themselves.

*Quality of printed items varies from batch to batch, and depending on James’ mood.